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Product Code: URD-DYKE  |  Stock Code: 0599-0349

This cable consists of several stranded, compressed 1350-H16/H26 aluminum wiring rated at 600V or less for direct burial use insulated with a cross-linked polyethylene. Conductor Material: AA 1350. Warranty guaranteed for one year from the purchase date of the product, against mechanical defects in manufacturing.
∙ ASTM B-230, B-231
∙ ASTM B-609, B-901
∙ UL Standard 854 requirement for USE-2
∙ ICEA S-105-692
∙ RoHS environmental conductive requirement
Color: Black
# of Conductors: 4
Temperature Rating: 90˚C
Resistance: 0.875/1.39Ω/km @20C
Max Rating: 600V
Wire Length: 1000FT
Insulation Material: Cross Linked Polyethylene
Conductor Size: 2-2-2-4
Outside Diameter: 0.362”(Phase),0.283”(Neutral)
Weight (lbs): --
Dimensions: --
Box Quantity: --
Carton Quantity: --